Abhison Engineering LLP has been a leading supplier of Industrial machines/equipment widely used by Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers. We also design, develop and manufacture customized Special Purpose Machine required by other Industries.
Within a short span, the company has been successful in consolidating its product name and image in the domestic and international markets as a premium quality machines / equipment.
Our focus has been on quality products through continuous improvement of existing technologies and adopting new technologies. We are keen in Customer focused approach and continuous quest for world-class quality.
We are inspired by our employees and totally committed to delivering state-of-the-art machinery and service to our customers.

Abhison caters to various Industries

  • Automotive
  • Abrasive / Grinding Wheel
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Coating
  • Metallurgical
  • Food

Our Services

Consult :  Abhison team assists customers for selection of the correct processes and equipment for specific applications.
Design :  Abhison team designs the customized equipment as per customer’s requirement. Our continuous improvement efforts ensure to provide the advanced technology, while improving equipment efficiency to reduce customer’s total operating costs and producing a better quality product.
Develop :  Abhison team manufactures superior quality and precise equipment
Install & Train :   Abhison team assists customers in the installation of the equipment, and provide training to operators about how to run, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment.
Support :  Abhison team is always available for customers help whether it is related to equipment or further training etc.
Automation :  Abhison team offers comprehensive industrial automation and control system based on customers specific process requirement.

Team Members

Mr. Abhijit Sawant – President
Mrs. Sonali Sawant – Partner
Ms. Sayalee Sawant – Marketing Executive


Since 2005, we have established our identity as Alpha Solutions and have been a preferred choice for Lead Acid Battery manufacturers.
We have over a decade of industry experience and have been driving force in many of the technologies available today for lead acid battery manufacturing equipment.
Our experience ranges from standalone piece of equipment, to complete turnkey project consisting of design, development, installation & commissioning.


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