Washing And Drying Machine


Washing and Drying Machine is designed for automatic cleaning and drying of batteries. This machine is divided into four blocks.

Batteries are transported continuously through the individual zones at the preset speed.

Abhison Engineering LLP design and quality will measure up to your strictest standards. The Washing & Drying Machine has been designed to operate with reliability you expect for demand you impose on your product and research testing.

1. Preliminary washing section

In the first block, a preliminary washing with simultaneous neutralization of the acid on the battery body with sodium hydroxide solution is carried out.

The machine is also equipped with tanks for collecting water with controlled heating function, located under neutralization, cleaning and washing units.

2. Cleaning section

The cleaning block is equipped with four brushes made of acid-resistant plastic with a hydraulic pump and adjusting shafts which allow setting up the machine for cleaning different types of batteries. Detergent is supplied to the cleaning zone for greater efficiency.

3. Rinse section

In the rinsing zone, the supply of clean water is provided by a lot of nozzles that correctly distribute water over the entire surface of the battery, eliminating the presence of untreated areas and corners.

4. Drying section

The drying block is equipped with four powerful fans, which supply hot air through nozzles to the blow zone. A well-thought-out arrangement of each air nozzle ensures effective removal of moisture from the body and battery cover. Separate conveyor belts of washing and drying blocks prevent the accumulation of water in the drying zone.


  • Drawing drafting using AutoCAD , Solidworks
  • In the cleaning sections the batteries are cleaned by hot water, detergents and high pressure.
  • Perfect design of drying section to completely dry batteries no water droplet present on battery (even between cover and container heat seal area and ribs)
  • Tanks are equipped with pumps for water circulation, which helps to reduce its consumption.
  • The machine’s case is closed with anti-emergency panels equipped with doors with polycarbonate glazing
  • The washing and drying process can be controlled by the operator.
  • The frame, case and all metal elements are made of 316L stainless steel.
  • Auto drain at regular and required time interval
  • Programmable features for timers ( 3 stations) and temperatures (hot water and blower)
  • Water temperature  maintain at 40± 5°C
  • Controlled required hot air < 60° C


  • Quality of battery coming out from the machine should be clean from acid and dry
  • 100% dryness of battery
  • Easy operation & maintenance.
  • Fully Automatic P.L.C. based control system covering all parameters
  • Available in standard or high performance designs to meet your requirements.


  • Battery Industry


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