Venturi Scrubber

About the Machine

  • Designed to suit any process gas requiring particulate removal, Abhison’s Venturi’s Scrubber’s classic single venturi design offers maximum scrubber efficiency through the simple four stage unit
  • Our Venturi Scrubber consists of a “Wet Approach” venturi followed by a liquid entrainment separator.
  • Dust laden gases enter the venturi and instantly make a contact with the tangentially introduced scrubbing liquid swirling down the venturi’s walls.
  • At the venturi throat, the gas and liquid stream collide, and the liquid breaks down into droplets which traps dust particles.
  • This gas / liquid mixture passes through a flooded elbow, and enters the entrainment separator through a tangential inlet.
  • Centrifugal action removes the heavy wetted particles from the gas stream.
  • As an alternate, when very large Diameter separators are required, the Liquid is separated by passing the stream through a chevron type mist eliminator baffle.
  • The dust / liquid mixture is discharged from the separator bottom drain and the cleaned gas leaves through the top of the separator

Key Features

  • Up to 99%  + collection efficiency into submicron range.
  • Pressure drops from 2.5 – 15 KPa (10 – 60 in w.g.)
  • Adjustable venturi throat. (Manual or Automatic)
  • Liquid distribution by open pipe than by nozzles.
  • Slurries with high solid s can be recycled.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Handles High Inlet Gas Temperature.
  • No wet / dry line buildup.


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