High Voltage Short Circuit Testing Machine (HVT)

The machine provides an accurate detection of voltage leakage between the cover and the battery case with the help of special contact strips.

Abhison Engineering LLP design and quality will measure up to your strictest standards. The HRD has been designed to operate with reliability you expect for demand you impose on your product and research testing.

  • Batteries entering the machine on the conveyor are positioned and fixed.
  • The working unit, equipped with a central electrode and contact strips, is lowered onto the battery.
  • The central electrode is located on the positive terminal, and the contact strips are fixed around the welding line of the cover.
  • During testing, a high voltage is generated. The presence of an electrical potential between the electrodes indicates a voltage leak, and therefore a risk of battery leakage.

  • Self-adjusting contact strips are opened and closed using pneumatic cylinders and fix the battery in the desired position, which provides excellent contact.
  • The conveyor is additionally equipped with a rejection station and a collector for defective batteries.
  • Smart Stop system does not allow the delivery of a new battery while the previous one is in the process of testing.
  • The machine can be used as a stand-alone installation or as part of a finishing line.


  • The machine is equipped with a motorized conveyor with a simple and quick adjustment of the guides Automatic high-voltage leakage testing of vehicle batteries
  • Location of the smallest leakage
  • A reliable battery positioning and fixing system.
  • Reliable detection of leaks between cover and battery
  • High sensitivity testing to ensure quality of testing.
  • accurate and rapid
  • Reliable detection of leaks on battery base using special contact strips
  • Exclusion station for reject batteries
  • Fully automatic test process


  • Can be designed for Barcode or Laser marking as per client’s requirement
  • Asthetic finish and simple to operate
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Design as per different Battery size


  • Battery Industry


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