Grid Aging Oven

There is a specific kind of industrial oven known as an aging oven. This type of oven is used in the development and testing of certain products in order to simulate what would happen to the item over time.

Abhison Engineering LLP design and quality will measure up to your strictest standards. The oven has been designed to operate with reliability you expect for demand you impose on your product and research testing.

  • The plastic or rubber product is baked in the special aging oven.
  • The heat reacts with the chemicals that make up the material of the item and creates the same conditions as the natural wear and tear of age, but in a much shorter period.
  • Aging is used to bring certain materials to the state in which they are actually used in the product.
  • They are often used to test and finish aluminium parts for transportation and machinery.
  • Aging ovens are available in various sizes and models, depending on the products and industry they are used for.
  • The temperature, size, and design of the oven depends on its intended use.
  • Many aging ovens are batch ovens, which are designed to process products in and out in batches on a conveyer belt or on various trays or shelves.

  • Furnace access doors allow the operator to verify the operation and clean the machine. Inspection doors are all around oven for easy maintenance and cleaning inside the chamber.
  • It’s specially designed convection heating system and insulation minimizes heating space, thereby increases efficiency and maximum energy saving is available.


  • Age ovens provide excellent temperature uniformity for increased production rates
  • Convection/Direct/Indirect/Infrared Heating System
  • Fully automatic control panel with VFD, Thyristor
  • Less energy consumption (30%), resulting in lower monthly utility bill
  • Vertical sliding door – Design accordingly human safety Space
  • saving door to simplify loading
  • Their heavy duty construction means years of dependable operation.
  • PLCcontrol & remote communications.


  • Redundant safety systems included.
  • Fully Automatic PLC based control system covering all parameters
  • We design vertical sliding door with chain anchor located in main oven door in a such way that safety anti-drop mechanism to prevent free fall of the door.
  • Available in standard or high performance designs to meet your requirements.


  • Composite curing
  • Powder coating
  • Wet paint curing
  • Adhesive curing
  • Baking
  • Drying
  • Metal Finishing
  • Preheating


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