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The purpose is to cure a coating, adhesive or a product. To have a successful curing process, the size of the heat source and distribution of airflow need to be considered. In-depth knowledge of Curing Process. We are just not manufacturing ovens; we are continuously working on improving curing process.

We are doing a lot of development for improving curing process for increasing quality, efficiency and reducing operating cost. Since we have worked in this area for last 18 years we have experience and knowledge of areas to be worked in these ovens like heaters, spray nozzles. And based on that we have found solutions and incorporated them into our oven.

  • Our Curing Chamber consists of multistage curing cycle.
  • In each step different humidity, temperature and air flow settings can be set and achieved.
  • We offer chamber with both humidification cycle and drying cycle can be done.

  • We provide both steam generator and spray nozzle system for increasing humidity. Our Curing chamber is universal since all types of plates can be cured viz VRLA, MC,SLI battery plates. Since each require different process parameters.


  • Custom sizes to meet your specific process requirements are available.
  • Heavy gauge, cold rolled reinforced steel exterior and door
  • Touch screen HMI, PLC for parameter feeding and annunciation
  • Various temperature ranges to suit your application.
  • Data communication system.
  • VFD for fine control of air flow.
  • Very effective for high production rate.
  • Cure in uniform rate.
  • High efficient heat transfer and energy utilization.
  • Thermal loss is prevented by filling rock wool (Insulation) in space between the outer body & Inner chamber.
  • High thermal efficiency


  • Fully Automatic P.L.C. based control system covering all parameters.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Longer service life.
  • Fine control and proper uniformity.
  • We design vertical sliding door with chain anchor located in main oven door in a such way that safety anti-drop mechanism to prevent free fall of the door.
  • Available in standard or high performance designs to meet your requirements.

There are various options available

  • Steam Generator
  • Spray Nozzles/Humidifies
  • High Pressure Vaporizer
  • Electrically Heating System
  • Gas Fired Heating System
  • Process Heat Recovery System
  • Conveyorised
  • Vertical sliding door
  • Advanced temperature and humidity


  • Automotive
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Wet paint curing
  • Adhesive curing
  • Metal Finishing


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