Acid Recirculation System (ACS)

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  • With the acid circulation system, the battery production cycle can be reduced.
  • The quantity of the battery can be set according to the technical requirements.
  • The tank formation and plate drying process are replaced by acid circulation in order to reduce the plate size.
  • The battery produced by the acid circulation, the active material is totally converted, the battery are of good consistency.
  • The system pressure and acid transferring speed can be adjusted according to the battery temperature.
  • After collecting, the hot acid can be filtrated, to ensure the cleanliness and temperature of the acid.
  • Initial capacity of the battery can be increased by 10%.
  • PLC controlling system works with high precision, it is reliable and stable.
  • Fully automatic control panel with HMI for display the values.

In ACS technology, electrolyte is continuously circulated with the help of an external pump in order to reduce the temperature rising inside cell during this fast formation process.

The ABHISON ENGINEERING LLP is the solution for the formation of Flooded Automotive and Industrial batteries. The ABHISON permits to maintain the correct temperature all over the plates inside the batteries.

Acid Recirculation Formation tanks, with integrated conveyors for the battery loading/unloading.
Available in different configuration, up to 200 automotive or 120 industrial batteries.

 It includes following:

  • Acid preparation and storage module
  • Acid cleaning & cooling module
  • Temperature monitor
  • Acid level monitor
  • Scrubber
  • Electrical control panel.


  • Save formation cycle time, more than 50%.
  • Increased performance and improved battery quality.
  • Reduce the production cost by 10%.
  • Increase the productivity of the charging process.
  • Easy to introduce the total productive management method.
  • Environmental protection: no waste acid, no waste water, the emission of the acid fog is up to the national standard.


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